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Welcome to the Inventory Certification Associates website. More and more savvy people are reacting to the floundering economy in a positive way by starting a business of their own.The key to starting a business of your own is starting the RIGHT business at the RIGHT time. In this economy, people are, more than ever before, concerned about protecting their homes and businesses, valuable possessions and precious memories against both natural disasters and things such as fire, flood and theft. More and more smart people are coming to the realization that a personal and/or business personal property inventory is the way to provide the necessary protection for the things they value.This trend has made the Home Inventory Business the smart choice for a would-be entrepreneur. After all, if you’re going into business, why would you choose to invest in anything other than a rapidly growing business, a business whose time has come!

The home/business inventory service business is often compared to the home security industry for two main reasons.

First: because it provides incredible security in terms of adequate replacement when it comes to the protection of your property.

Secondly because while in the past, alarm systems were only for businesses and the rich and famous. Today, the majority of the American population enjoy this security. The same is now true when it comes to protecting your home or business with a professional, personal property inventory.

People from all walks of life value what they own and want to make sure they are able to replace their belongings after a loss. The media has captured the aftermath of major disasters and people are seeing what has occurred. These tragedies point out the necessity of being sure they can receive fair compensation for items lost or destroyed.

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Disasters, fire, flood and theft are not the only reasons everyone needs to have a list of their home and business contents. The growing baby boomer and senior population are seeking inventory services as they prepare their estate plan. Executors seek the assistance of an inventory professional when they have the responsibility of providing this information to settle an estate.

There are many other reasons a homeowner or business owner needs to have a list of their assets, all of which can be served by hiring an inventory service...and you can be that professional inventory service they hire.

Why Start Your Inventory Business Now?

Mainly because it is a business whose time has come and you may have your own personal reasons as well:

  • You have always thought of owning your own business and realize now is the time. 
  • You have retired early and are looking for a meaningful second career. 
  • You want to hedge against the economy/possible job loss. 
  • You have a desire to be financially independent. 
  • You are looking for a part-time business that can grow into full-time.

An inventory service business meets your needs.

If you are ready to start your own professional inventory business, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience in the industry, and after researching best practices, processes and procedures, we have created the Inventory Success Guide™, complete with a CD of ready-to-use templates.

The Inventory Certification Associates business kit provides you with a thorough, high-quality guide to help you begin and grow your inventory business. It also includes the option to achieve certificationa necessity for having your business recognized and accepted as qualified and knowledgeable so you can join the ranks of already successful nationally certified home and business inventory professionals.